Where sport meets fashion and comfort meets culture, sports utility is increasingly important for women of the 2000s generation. 
Sportswear has gradually become a new leading target for the world of fashion.  In European and American culture, we have fully
experienced the modern day woman's enthusiasm, natural authenticity, and yearning for freedom.  Seeking to fulfill the feminine
need for beauty, health, and practicality, Argot was born.ARGOT originated within FIXED GEAR culture (Single speed bikes/FG) with its acronym meaning 'Adept Retro Groovy Original Treasure'.
Our aim is to express the feeling of a unique vintage look, while at the same time create an accurate motto and definition for our brand. Argot combines art and function, boldly infusing vintage and street styles by reworking more traditional concepts, adding a unique charm,yet still retaining a simple and natural design.

ARGOT's Fixed Gear philosophy is similar to the modern day woman's desire for balance and harmony.  Argot assembles each
and everycomponent with detailed precision. We incorporate a woman's delicate and unique needs into the body of the bike itself,
securing it with a chain, and leaving it ready to forge ahead.  We have created our Fixed Gear bike to be like life itself, with its various interlocking people and events; you can enjoy the laughter or weep aloud, all the while finding your true self in the process.  With this philosophy, you can learn to live wholeheartedly, pursuing your happiness to the fullest.  Once you achieve that moment, no one is capable of defining your life, because you, yourself, have become a wholly unique and special existence.


ARGOT wants to help transform every woman into a one-of-a-kind, confident, courageous, and creative philosopher.  Regardless
of lifestyle and state of mind, the ARGOT woman maintains a positive attitude in the face of any adversity.
''In these ever-changing, boundless, and passionate times, only by truly expressing ourselves are we able to find real happiness.''